Very Vocal Music Studios - The Singing Specialists
Group class schedule
Tuesdays 7:30-8:30pm- Performance Workshop (all skill levels) YOUTH (ages 12-17 years)
4 Weeks- $50 Start date May 10/2016
Wednesdays 7:30-8:30pm- Performance Workshop (all levels) ADULT (ages 18+)
4 Weeks- $50 Start date May 11
55+ Group Vocal/Technique+ Harmony by Ear Thursdays Start date May 5 2:30-3:30pm
4 Weeks - $50 Start Date May 12
Group Vocal- General technique Youth/Adult (ages 16+) Fridays 5:30pm
4 Weeks- $50 Start date May 6

Performance workshop- A class designed to assist vocalists of all skill levels build performance skills.  Participants will prepare pieces to present to the class on a weekly or bi weekly basis.  The entire class will participate in a workshop style discussion of performances that will include topics such as- preamble, movement, microphone technique and much more! No prior performance experience required! A great opportunity to build confidence and presence!
Prerequisite- NONE (no music theory necessary)
Group Vocal/Harmony by Ear-  A great class to assist students in learning vocal technique in a group setting.  Topics such as placement of sound, breath control and posture will be addressed.  The harmony component will include exercises to help vocalists learn to hear harmony parts and sing them without an intense theoretical background.
Prerequisite- NONE (no music theory necessary)
Group Vocal- General technique

A class focused on vocal technique practicing exercises to improve the voice, as well as applying those techniques to singing some songs as a group. A fun way to improve your singing without the pressure of being a soloist.

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